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Red Bull surprise Garry McCoy with a cake in celebration of his 100GPs

Red Bull surprise Garry McCoy with a cake in celebration of his 100GPs

Coming back to the hospitality area after a quick freshen up in his motor-home, and barely an hour after having taken fifth place on the grid for tomorrow´s race, what Garry McCoy expected to be another in a long line of interviews, turned out to be a surprise party, as the Red Bull team saluted what tomorrow will be his 100th Grand Prix start. McCoy was presented with a cake and as champagne corks were popped by the whole team, McCoy apart from joking about whose birthday it was, clearly was touched by the event,

´It´s a really nice surprise to have all these people here, although I have to say, it does seem like longer, and it should have come a while back now. Although someone mentioned it at Sachsenring, I didn´t think about it at all over the summer. I suppose many of the 100 came on the 125 but it all seems so long ago. It makes me wonder if they throw a party for 200 GPs!´ Garry obviously intends to be around for a while longer yet.

About his performance in the qualifying sessions, McCoy admitted, ´I´m pretty happy, especially as my time improved a lot. I managed to get up there and be just about where I was when I got injured. I would have liked to be on the front row, but I am still slightly lacking a bit of fitness, but I suppose that´s the difference.´ He added, ´If Max gets a holeshot it´s going to be difficult, but hopefully there will be a front group I get into, and then you never know what can happen.´

500cc, 2001

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