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Aprilia Communication: TWO APRILIAS ON THE FRONT ROW

Aprilia Communication: TWO APRILIAS ON THE FRONT ROW

Lucio Cecchinello # 9 (MS Aprilia LCR) The fourth best time definitely satisfy´s the rider-manager very much. To achieve a front row place means the possibility of fighting with the front runners from the very beginning, even though there are still small set up problems that need to be solved.

«I have to congratulate my team for the great job they have done. We were able to improve the motorcycle and to break through the 1.47-minute barrier, which seemed to be an unreachable target for me. We scrapped half a second off yesterday´s time, and things look very good. The motorcycle runs well, generally speaking there is nothing for me to complain about, but we can still improve the handling in the slow chicane. It is tiresome there to move the bike from one side to the other. We will work on this problem, and if we can solve it, we will be real competitive indeed.»

Simone Sanna # 16 (Safilo Oxydo Race) The Fast rider from Tuscany put in a great third time even though he had to use his second motorcycle to realise his best performance. After his unfortunate crash in Brno, Simone obviously would like to bounce back taking a good result.«Yes, in the end everything feel into place, things went well, but I did expect that, I knew that I could obtain this place. I did three consecutive laps in 1.46; I feel that the motorcycle is set up well, and that it allows me to keep a very fast pace. Although I don´t think that the race will be that fast. Lets say that we will ride in the low. 1.47´s, and in the high 1.46´s. The track is in fact very slippery in this heat and even though the 125 race will start at a better hour, it will not be exactly cool, which was proven in this morning´s free practice session. With this sort of grip it´s very easy to crash, which was already seen during yesterday´s qualifying practice therefore the race pace will be a little more careful tomorrow. I feel inform and even though I lost a little bit of time practicing with my second bike which I was forced to use, I feel ready to race.»

Max Sabbatani # 11 (Bossini Fontana Racing) The racing dwarf is not particularly satisfied with his position on the starting grid, because from the third row, the start won´t be an easy task. «We can´t be too happy, because we would have to find another second to be competitive. We already improved yesterday´s time by one second which is a good start, but for tomorrow we should be another second faster. Only then we can take part in the fight for the podium.»

Gino Borsoi # 23 (LAE UGT 3000) The Venetian rider is not 100 per cent fit yet. Therefore, his performance can´t be the way it usually is. But there is obviously some improvement, and now Gino´s hope is to fight for some points.«In this heat, things turn out to be even more difficult for me than they would be normally. Even though I´m better day by day, it is very, very tiring for me to ride. The motorcycle has improved a lot since yesterday, and if I manage to get a good start, maybe I can take a point in the end.»

125cc, 2001, Grande Premio Marlboro de Portugal, QP1

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