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Aprilia 250cc rider quotes

Aprilia 250cc rider quotes

Roberto Rolfo #44 (Safilo Oxydo Race) 4° in 45´12´671

A start from the third row wasn´t the handicap for the fastest privateer pf the world: But in the first corner, RobyRolfo had a problem under brakes and went straight, to re-enter the race in 18th position. From this moment on,he showed on of the most beautiful hunts of recent times in Grand Prix racing, passing one rival after the other, at a pace that would have been enough for a podium finish, to finally take fourth place.

´I´m very happy, because someone forced me to run wide in the first corner, and I had to run wide and off the track, but I managed to get back on the circuit without suffering any damage. I just was down in 18th position. To catch up was a lot of fun, but very tiring at the same time. It was difficult, and I had to keep a consistent pace in the 1´43´s. In the future, I need to take advantage of the practice sessions in a better way, and qualify further ahead on the grid. Then, I should be able to fight for the podium in some occasions, and I should be in shape to minimise the gap to the front runners. My team worked perfectly today, because my Aprilia RS with kit was running like a rocket.´

Franco Battaini #21 (MS Eros Ramazzotti Racing) 9° in 45´27´666

17th in practice, nineth in the race: Obviously, things went much better in the race for the rider from Brescia, a perfromance only over-shadowed a bit by the fact that it was him who accidently sent Rolfo straight in the first corner:´´It was better to show this performance today than yesterday, that´s for sure. Nineth in itself is still not the best result,but considering the improvment from practice, it is good enough. In the end, I could even have caught Checa, but Yuzy overtook and then rode slower than when I was ahead of him. I have to confess that it was me who pushed Rolfo wide in the first corner. I didn´t do this on purpose of course, I ran wide myself before that happened. I want to say sorry, and I want to give him my compliments for setting such a fantastic race pace, especially towards the end.´

Roberto Locatelli #15 (MS Eros Ramazzotti Racing) retired

The 125 champion was forced to retire with a nowadays very rare and simple problem: The chain came off the sprocket. This was the unlucky end to a promising practice performance. ´Something happened to me that has only once happened before in my entire career: The chain came off the sprocket! Even at the other time this happened, I was on a 250. I don´t know if this is anybody´s fault, but it doesn´t matter: It happened, and a possible good result slipped through my fingers.´

250cc, 2001, Grande Premio Marlboro de Portugal, RAC

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