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Aprilia 125: Two Aprilia in the first row

Aprilia 125: Two Aprilia in the first row

Simone Sanna #16 (Safilo Oxydo Race): The rider from Tuscany took second place aboard his Aprilia RSW 125, which shows that he really has arrived back to his true form in the last few races, and that he is in for another top result on Sunday:

´I slowed down a bit towards the end of the session, because there was a lot of traffic on the track, and it would have been impossible to get a better time anyway. I´m happy with second place though, especially considering the weather forecast announcing possible rain tomorrow: If the track is wet in the final practice session tomorrow afternoon, nobody obviously will be able to improve. However, I tried to do my best, but I was behind Ui who wasn´t going very fast, therefore I didn´t go quicker, either. I am also content because, just like Estoril, this is not a track that I like very much. I prefer faster circuits. But if we both are fine, my motorcycle and myself, the results are coming in.´

Gino Borsoi #23 (LAE UGT 3000): The Venetian rider qualified in third position and is still trying hard to get back in shape after his unfortunate injury in the Czech Republic. His problem is serious, because a fracture of the scaphoide bone in the right wrist is especially disturbing for a motorcycle rider:

´The motorcycle is very fast indeed, it would allow me to go even quicker, but in this physical condition, I truly can´t do any more. I can do about two laps at high speed, especially when I´m very concentrated, but then my wrist starts to hurt really bad. If I run over bumps or the rumble strips, I really see the stars. So I have to ride in a very clean and straight manner, otherwise I don´t know how long I´m going to last. A scaphoide fracture normally takes three months to heal perfectly. For me, two out of these three are still ahead, but things get better every day.´

Lucio Cecchinello #9 (MS Aprilia LCR): Ninth time obviously doesn´t satisfy the rider-manager, who lives in Monte Carlo. But there are ways to explain the provisional third row:

´Nobody knows if it is just a provisional result: They say that it will rain tomorrow. In this case, my nineth place will be confirmed, and I have to get an excellent start, not just a good one. I could have been much faster today, and I was behind Ui who was in excellent form today, but when we were on our last lap, we ran into Vincent who messed up one of the corners and slowed everybody down. It´s a shame, because the bike went well, and I could at least have conquered a front row position.´

Max Sabbatani #11 (Bossini Fontana Racing): The lightweight rider from Romagna has mixed emotions about his seventh place, being happy and disappointed at the same time:

´The motorcycle runs well, but in the end, Vincent has slowed me and other riders (Cecchinello and Ui). But the problem is not so much the position on the starting grid, because second row is okay, than tyre endurance: We have to find a setting that makes them last a bit longer. And then, I think that Elias opened up too much of a gap: Eight tenths of a second are really a lot.´

125cc, 2001, Gran Premio Marlboro de la Comunitat Valenciana, QP1

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