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Can anyone stop Rossi in the last five races? Mick Doohan has the answer

Can anyone stop Rossi in the last five races? Mick Doohan has the answer

I think a lot of riders need to be looking at what they´re doing over the final five races. There´s a fair amount of uncertainty about who´s riding what next season and this is the time of year that you can see a few of the other guys come out and win a few races. Abe is one who´ll come out strong at the end of the year trying to beef up his contract, whilst McCoy may be looking to pick up the win he was expected to take at a much earlier stage of the season.

Unfortunately Garry hurt himself early in the season which set him back for a while and also the pace has been a lot quicker this year. He definitely has the ability to run with those guys but he now has to focus on getting the most out of the motorcycle. I hope he makes me eat my words and comes out and wins one or two but I don´t think sliding the bike around as much as he does is anywhere near as efficient as some of the other guys who ride quick in line and only slide it when it´s absolutely necessary. There´s no doubt he has a fantastic biking style and can ride quick, but now he has to add that other ingredient to get the optimum time lap in, lap out.

I´m sure that Valentino is thinking that if he can leave Valencia with a 50 point lead then that´s two races up his sleeve with four races to go and life will be a little bit easier for him. The main thing that he needs to worry about though is racing the motorcycle rather than protecting or extending the lead he´s got. If he wins races then he´s going to win the Championship and I think he understands that. Looking at the lead he now has then I think a lot of the other riders will have given up as far as the Championship is concerned, but if they haven´t then he has to leave here having demoralised them again and make sure he heads away to Japan with that mental edge.

500cc, 2001, Valentino Rossi

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