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Aprilia 125: 5 Aprilia hunting Elias

Aprilia 125: 5 Aprilia hunting Elias

There are no less than five Aprilia on the back of Spanish 125 cc World Championship leader Toni Elias. Simone Sanna is trailing him by just 16 thousandths of a second...

Simone Sanna #16 (Safilo Oxydo Race) The Tuscany rider conquered a strong second place in today´s final 125 cc session, which really satisfied him, as it guarantees a front row start for tomorrow´s race:

«Well, well, I´m very happy. I am 16 thousandths of a second behind, my starting number is 16, so it fits quite well, as the pole doesn´t count for me anyway. The real important thing is to be able to start from front row, whereas the others can have the pole as far as I´m concerned, because it not so important. What is important is to find the happy medium: To push and go flat out if everything works well, but without taking injury risks when trying. For the race, I feel well prepared: Everything works the way it´s supposed to, and I feel in good shape too.»

Lucio Cecchinello #9 (MS Aprilia LCR) Third place is a satisfactory result for the Venetian rider who grew up in Bologna, even though he is not particularly happy he does have some comments to make about the final of the 125 session:

«All the time when I try to push, a swarm of riders (the word reflects exactly the situation in the last minutes of the 125 session) creates itself next to me, that want to take me as their reference and therefore get an advantage. Apart from that, I made a mistake on the last lap that cost me one or two tenths of a second: If the motorcycle hadn´t tucked under a little bit, I could have taken pole position. But anyway, first or third doesn´t make a big difference, the difference is bigger in the race. Now our plans are as follows: I feel better on one of my bikes chassis-wise, on the other one, the motor is stronger, so I´ll make a cocktail with the best engine and the best chassis. That should be the best choice.»

Max Sabbatani #11 (Bossini Fontana Racing) The lightest rider of the entire championship once again took a front row position, scraping a second off his best time from yesterday:

«I did my fastest time on the last lap, which was the best performance out of several mediocre ones, and I feel relieved that it was enough to get a front row start. I feel that we have a good set-up for the race, but more than anything, we hope that it doesn´t rain, because when we raced here in the wet two years ago, it was an elimination race with a load of crashes.»

Gino Borsoi #23 (LAE UGT 3000) Yesterday the Venetian rider was on the first row, but sixth place in final practice is still a honourable achievement for Borzoi who is still suffering lots from the scaphoid fracture in his Brno crash:

«If I have to be honest, I have to say that of course I would have likes to defend my front row start, but in these conditions, there wasn´t anything more I could do. In the slow corners, where you have to brake lots, the hand was hurting, and I couldn´t pull the brake lever the way I should have. If I´d been in good shape, I could have gone two tenths of a second faster, which would have been enough for the front row. I would have likes that also because wanted to say thank you to my team and the guys of the Clinica Mobile with a front row start. Because at the end of the day, I spend more time with physiotherapists and doctors than at home…»

500cc, 2001

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