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Aprilia 125

Aprilia 125

Ten riders with knives between their teeth and in a hard battle until the final corner: Such a race doesn´t only require riding skills, but aggressivity, luck and guts. In this spectacular lottery, not all the top guns within the Aprilia line-up, that lead the race and battled for victory, scored what they deserved in the end. It´s a shame, but in the 125 category, nothing is sure until the chequered flag comes down.

Gino Borsoi (LAE Ugt 3000) #23 5° in 42´45´983

The best result of all Aprilia riders was taken by the Venetian who still sufers from his scaphoid fracture on his right wrist back in Brno, about one month ago. When he returned to his garage, he steered his bike only with the left hand, and needed help to finally park his motorcycle. But despite the pain, his eyes were lit with joy and excitement:

´I´m happy, even though I could have made it into the top three if I hadn’t been in that much pain in the end. During the last laps, in the two righthand corners the pain was just too strong, and I didn’t manage to stay in front long enough to finally make it to the podium. It´s a shame, but at least I was very close. The motorcycle ran very well, but in comparison to the one of Pedrosa, I was a little bit down on acceleration, and when he passed me, I wasn´t able to re-pass him quickly. Was it visible that I was in trouble under brakes? Whatever, I want to dedicate this success to my team and to the Clinica Mobile.´

Simone Sanna (Safilo Oxydo Race) #16 6° in 42´46´008

The rider from Tuscany was close to success: Only a few hundred metres from the finish line he was still leading the race, but in the end he was down in sixth. Obviously, he was a bit disappointed:

´Today I didn´t this little bit extra in terms of top speed that would have allowed me to stay in front in the fast section of the track. Once I got re-passed again, I ran into a dead end with the road closed in front of me in the last corner, and so I ended up in sixth place that doesn´t please me at all. The race was fun, but only until before the end!´

Lucio Cechinello (MS Aprilia LCR) #9 7° in 42´47´018

He lead the race for a while, but in the end the rider-manager couldn´t turn his chances into a success, due to a mistake in tyre choice

´We rode all practice sessions with a medium hard tyre compound, but today in the race, it was less warm, and the tyres were sliding less, but wearing off earlier. I didn´t want to risk taking the harder compound like in Portugal, which would probably have been the proper choice. The race was fun in the beginning, but once I was in crisis with the tyre it wasn’t fun any more.´

Max Sabbatani (Bossini Fontana Racing) #11 9° in 42´47´427

The only problem for the small Romagna rider: His standard Dunlop tyres don´t last long enough towards the end of the race:

´It´s a shame, but it is always the same: As long as I have grip, everything is fine and today I was even with the leaders, but then I can´t open the throttle properly any more, and I had to let the glory of victory slip through my fingers. But at least I had some fun for a while.´

125cc, 2001, Gran Premio Marlboro de la Comunitat Valenciana, RAC

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