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Aprilia 250

Aprilia 250

It was certainly not a lucky race for the Aprilia riders in this third Grand Prix on Spanish territory of the season, as Marco Melandri was the victim of an accident after being touched by Fonsi Nieto. Tetsuya Harada had to settle for second place in a race that was cut in to two parts due to a brief rain shower. Therefore, the Northern Ireland rider from Belfast, Jeremy McWilliams, wasn’t lucky, either, as he ran into tyre trouble.

Tetsuya Harada (MS Aprilia Racing) #31
second in 44’06´796

´While the tyres were new, the motorcycle worked perfectly, but once they started to go off, I wasn´t able to keep my line closed the way it would have been necessary to win. But second place is not a bad result for me at all, because I don’t like this track.´

Marco ´Macio´ Melandri (MS Aprilia Racing) # 5

´I got the sensation from my motorcycle that it slid away at once, then all of a sudden. In this moment, I thought it could have been anything: A seizure, a broken gearbox, but in reality somebody had hit me. It´s a shame, because this is a race that I could have even won, I was catching up well after running straight on the first lap, and I was going fast and then I overtook Nieto. I ran a bit wide after that, so I decided to shift down to first instead of second gear. Maybe that slowed me down a bit too much, but I was behind anyway. Then I was hit. I was really afraid, because I was flying high through the air and I got knocked in the stomach and I was unable to breath, but after all it seems that I got away with bruises on the right side of my belly and on the left side of my bum. At least, I didn´t dislocate any shoulders this time...´

Jeremy McWilliams (MS Aprilia Racing) #99
Fifth in 44´22´898

´Today, a strange thing happened to me: The first rear tyre that we had mounted had less grip than the second, even though it was the identical model. And even the track, even though the race was interrupted, had not changed: It hadn´t rained enough yet to justify such a difference in tyre performance. All in all, fifth place at least gives the team a few points, and it´s not so bad considering I had to go out with my second motorcycle.´

250cc, 2001, Gran Premio Marlboro de la Comunitat Valenciana, RAC

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