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First and Second row for Telefonica Movistar men

First and Second row for Telefonica Movistar men

MOTEGI - Daijiro Katoh improved his yesterday´s provisional result by overhalf a second and at the beginning of his very last lap, before thechequered flag, he was on pole, but finally could not maintain it, sinceHarada took advantage of the last seconds to get first fastest ahead ofTelefonica MoviStar Honda Japanese rider by just 24 thousands.

Second place for Katoh on the starting grid of home Grand Prix in Motegi,who in this afternoon´s final qualifying session was often disturbed byslower riders who kept staying on his way.Spanish team mate Alzamora, still in bad condition due to a facial nerve´sinflammation in spite of a intense therapy at medical centre, took abrilliant fifth place riding more than one second faster than yesterday.Emilio will start from second row tomorrow, ready to battle with the leadinggroup despite the pain.

Daijiro Katoh #74 - Honda NSR 250Best lap: 1.52.813Position: 2nd

´The asphalt condition improved compared to yesterday and this made also ourset up work easier. I went faster than first qualifying, though it was notpossible to take clear laps, because there was really too much traffic whichprevented me from a good performance. I´m not very happy, actually, since Itried anyway to speed up on the last lap, but time was unfortunately over.I know it will be a very tough race tomorrow, because on front row we havevery close times to each other, but I want to win´.

Emilio Alzamora #7 - Honda NSR 250Best lap: 1.53.834Position: 5th

´I´m very satisfied with today´s result. I think a fifth place is very goodconsidering my physical condition. I couldn´t push much because of my righteye still hurting. When I ride I have to do an enormous in order to keepconcentrated, since I cannot almost close my eye. The rest to the time Ikeep a bend to protect it and make it rest. I´ll go back to doctor Costahoping he can find a solution for tomorrow´s race, meaning that it isimportant to find something which gives me power until the end with noproblems. I like this track and I feel at ease riding here, so I wish to dowell and get a good result despite my condition´.

250cc, 2001

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