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Randy Mamola gives his inside view after the Pacific Grand Prix of Motegi

Randy Mamola gives his inside view after the Pacific Grand Prix of Motegi

In his press release after the race Max Biaggi conceded that Valentino Rossi was going to win the Championship. He also said he felt he was the Yamaha rider that pushed it the hardest and there was always going to be a risk he was going to fall down more than the other Yamaha riders. He felt the tools of his trade, the Yamaha, needed to be drastically changed if he was going to have a chance of the title. He said the team thought they had prepared the machine to cure his problems but it has just not worked.

To me Honda has always been the leader. Certainly many more of the MotoGPcircuits favour the Honda rather than the Yamaha but that does not meanthat Yamaha or Suzuki can´t win grands prix or World titles. The Hondasuits more riding styles than the other two. Max has crashed in three ofthe last four races when he´s lost the front end of the Yamaha. Myinterpretation of that is that Max carries a lot of corner speed whichmeans you have to increase the angle of lean which in turn increases thechances of losing the front end of the machine. If you get everything onehundred per cent right it´s the fastest way to ride round the race trackbut when tyre performance goes down or the level of the race changes youhave to adapt to what ever the situation is. The rider should be able toreact to these different situations.

Max when he qualifies or is riding on his own is beautiful to watch. Hissmooth style is more like a surgeon because he puts the bike in the sameplace at the same time. It´s more like poetry in motion the way he can openthe gas and the bike just does not move.

When you ride a Honda you leave a bigger foot print in the corners. TheYamaha will go in the same places but with a lighter footprint, which makesthe margin of error greater. Therefore, you have to be much more precisewhich makes the Yamaha more difficult to ride. That does not mean you can´tbeat the Honda because I don´t think the Suzuki was the best bike lastyear but Kenny Roberts won the title. He had the best package includingthe 17 inch tyres and put a great season together.

I don´t think that Max took a gamble using the 17 inch rear tyre in therace. He´d lost the front end using the 16.5 inch in two of the last threeraces . The race was nine seconds slower than last year won by Kenny, usinga 17 inch rear. Max should have been able to go the full distance at thatspeed. The 16.5 makes the bike a little more temperamental in turning andhow you set it up. The 17 immediately makes you feel at home andcomfortable and that´s what Max needed.

If we had an all Honda Championship with everybody riding the same machinesthe same guy would be winning, riding the yellow number 46 machine. Thensome people would say certain teams have more experience than others and sowhere do you draw the line. You have to learn how to adjust to differentsituations during the race.

Valentino was struggling in Motegi and his team brought him back and he didwhat he had to do. He should win the title in Australia and there are a fewpeople getting shirts printed ready for Sunday as we speak.

We got a taste of what it´s going to be like next year and both MickDoohan and Freddie Spencer were impressed with their demonstration laps onthe RCV five-cylinder four-stroke Honda .Mick told me since he rode themachine two and a half months ago at the Suzuka 8 hour race the bike hadreally improved. You just know that Honda will not let up until they areready to win grand prix races. The photos of the bike do not do it justice.When you see it in the flesh it´s really nice. You just can´t believethere are five cylinders hidden under such a small bike.

I´m involved in two different projects with the Yamaha two-seater inAustralia. I´m doing speed comparisons with a 250 cc road bike ridden byMalcolm Campbell and a 750cc road bike ridden by Kevin Magee round thePhillip Island circuit which should be fun. We re-fit the 11 kilo rearspring for the passengers I will be taking round later. Not only do we havesome VIPs but also some contest winners which I always enjoy looking after.I love taking people round who have the same passion for MotoGP as myself.

One of my passengers is Sarah Jane who is the most downloaded girl on theinternet. Apparently she loves bikes and rides a street bike. With her Imight just have to adjust my riding style.

500cc, 2001

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