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Aprilia 125 Race

Aprilia 125 Race

Aprilia 125 Race

A dry and spectacular race in the 125 cc class, with 10 riders wheel to wheel, fighting for second place until Simone Sanna crashed on the last lap, involved another Aprilia rider, Spaniard Rodriguez and provided the race-deciding incident.

Lucio Cecchinello #9 (MS Aprilia LCR) The Monte Carlo resident took fifth place in a race that he led for some time, then dropped back, maybe because he didn’t want to take as many risks as the younger riders did.

«The team did a great job and I was in a strong position until four kilometres before the end. But to finish on the podium, you either have to take a lot of risks and succeed, or you take a lot of risks and finish in the grass like Sanna did. Ui was the strongest rider today, and to fight that hard for a second place was not my thing today. It was more important for me to defend my fourth place in the championship, even though it is a shame because my motorcycle has the potential to win.»

Gino Borsoi #23 (LAE UGT 3000) Disappointed and angry: The Venetian rider wasn’t happy at all with his tenth position. After overcoming his wrist injury, his main problem was the start. He recovered strongly, but not as far as he would have liked.

«I don’t know what happens to me, but I can’t get decent starts anymore, let alone good ones. I was 27th at the first corner today or even further behind. If you start like that, you can’t get more than 10th place. If you get away with the first, you have all chances of a podium but like that, no way.

Simone Sanna #16 (Safilo Oxydo Race) The Tuscan rider played all his cards today in order to arrive on the podium. But the risks involved led to a crash on the final lap. In the crash, he dislocated his index finger on his right hand, which was immediately put back into place. He has a good chance to ride next Sunday in Malaysia.

«I just didn’t settle for any place further behind, I’m not able to do that. Instead I always give what ever I have. My motorcycle today wasn’t fast enough. It was good for fifth place or worse. The other Aprilia were faster than mine and we have to improve. I’m alright but not perfect.

Max Sabbatani #11 (Bossini Fontana Racing) The midget of the world championship (39.5 kg, 49 with leather and helmet) completed a strong and satisfying race.

« The motorcycle today was very fast, it seemed to be a 250., Even the chassis was very well set up and I could go through the turns with no problems. Only under brakes, the rear was jumping, which was alright when I was by myself, but difficult when I was with a group of riders. But to recover from 21st to 8th, is not bad.

500cc, 2001

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