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Valentino Rossi´s 36 reasons for success

Valentino Rossi´s 36 reasons for success

Valentino Rossi stopped halfway through his victory lap to don a huge white t-shirt handed to him by members of his fan club. On the back of the shirt were his 36 reasons for being World Champion 2001, listed in the following order:

1. Because I have the best ´PACKAGE´
2. Because I trained at ´Pano´ with ALBI
3. Because Jeremy and the boys got drunk after 6pm
4. Because if I didn´t they wouldn´t let me into my local - ´PEPE NERO´
5. Because I worked hard in the gym
6. Because the ´TRIBU´ is the TRIBU
7. Because MAX has always brought me coffee.
8. Because I went to eat at PIWI´s house and sometimes to PEDRO´s
9. Because I´m single
10. Because the ´celul-harem´ needs strong emotions
11. Because I have the best helmet in the world
12. Because GUIDO comes with me on my bike
13. Because I´ve seen ´GOODFELLAS´
14. Because my bike is full of electronic gadgets
15. Because I learnt to be a phenomenon
16. Because I never went to bed before 2 on the night before a race
17. Because RICARDO helped me
18. Because I have MICK in the box
19. Because I go to the MOBILE CLINIC
20. Because UCCIO would have hit me if I didn´t
21. Because I stayed cool in BRNO
22. Because luckily I don´t live in AUDITORE
23. Because I´m a good boy, healthy with good principles
24. Because I´m TIDY
25. Because my HONDA goes 10km/h faster than all the others
26. Because it´s the last 500 World Championship
27. Because it was in my contract
28. Because I want to marry ANGELINA JOLIE (failing that KOURNIKOVA will do)
29. Because the FAN CLUB came to all the races (almost)
30. Because I slide
31. Because I trained in the cave
32. Because I´m ANDREA´s friend
33. Because SANREMO is SANREMO
34. Because I always respected the CABALA
35. Because I forgot about last year
36. Now my father will finally cut off his ponytail.

To win the slide World Championship
Have fun in a rally car

500cc, 2001

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