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Breeding a World Champion: Part two - Rossano Brazzi (1998-1999)

Breeding a World Champion: Part two - Rossano Brazzi (1998-1999)

Rossano Brazzi took on the precocious talent of 125cc World Champion Valentino Rossi at the beginning of the 1998 season, and helped turn him into 250cc World Champion within two years. Rossi went from hotshot to superstar, and cemented his reputation as the brightest talent in MotoGP.


´When Valentino arrived to my team in 1998 he was very highly motivated as he was already 125cc World Champion. He had a little trouble setting up the bike at the beginning because of course it is a lot different to a 125. However, he was never afraid to try things and even though he made a few mistakes and crashed out of the first couple of races he soon adapted his way of thinking to the bigger bike. Vale´s true potential came clear at the end of that first season, when he incredibly went on to win the final four races, having won just once before that at Assen. We knew then that he was ready to win the World Championship in the following season.

´At the start of 1999 Vale was feeling very confident. He was very sure of himself but a couple of problems at the beginning of the season, like when his chain came off at Paul Ricard knocked it out of him a little bit. However, he showed his character by winning nine races altogether that year and I think he proved to the world that he was the best talent around at that time.

´The great thing about Vale is that he has never changed as a person. His character is just the same now as it always was. As a rider I see the same qualities making him a 500cc World Champion as those which made him 250cc World Champion. He has set himself an objective and done everything he possibly can to arrive there. If he wants to do something, anything, then he can do it.

´I feel a special warmth to see Valentino as World Champion. He is a great friend and we will celebrate away from the track, at home.

500cc, 2001

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