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Repsol YPF Honda

Repsol YPF Honda

35 degree of air temperature and 50 degree on theasphalt weresome of the difficulties that the riders hadto face on the Malaysian track of Sepang today. On afirst day of practice with hardly any accidents, AlexCrivillé was the faster one of the two Repsol YPFHonda riders, defending a position within the top sixuntil moments from the end before he dropped back toninth place in the provisional qualifying list. His teammate Tohru Ukawa, who had considerable difficulties in finding the right tyre combination for this track, had to settle for twelfth place today.

Criville 9th - 2´07.677:

´Well, I think thatwe completed agood practicesession today, and that we are on the right track with our work. I didn´twant to pull in for a tyre change and to go for a softer compound towardsthe end, as I preferred to put a string of six or seven consecutive lapstogether in order to confirm tyre endurance. This stopped me fromscraping another few tenths off my lap time which would have allowed meto remain on the second row of the grid. But even though, it´s okay and Iknow that I can go faster. Tomorrow, I want to move up to row two atleast. Physically, I feel better, and my rib injuries hardly bother me anymore. The air temperature is very high, and together with the heat emittingfrom the engine, you just don´t stop sweating during the practice session.´

Ukawa 12th - 2´07.943

´My result is notgood enough,because wehaven´t found a suitable rear tyre yet. What happens is that if we use asofter compound, the front end chatter gets considerably less, but then thebike is sliding a lot on the corner exits, everything starts to move around,and the tyre lasts for only very few laps because of the heat on the track.So even though the chatter disappears, I still can´t push very hard for agood lap time. At the end of the session, we found the way in which to go,and I´m confident to be able to improve my lap times tomorrow. I just hopethat the weather holds out. In the private tests that we did in January, Irode in the high 2.06´´s, therefore I know that I can go faster tomorrow.´

500cc, 2001

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