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Aprilia 125

Aprilia 125

A few degrees in the shade more than yesterday (35°, with 65% humidity) and Lucio Cecchinello in third place. That’s was today’s result for the 15th and second last Grand Prix of the 2001 season. Borsoi missed out on the first row, but the most important thing for him is that his hand injury suffered in the Czech Republic at the end of August no longer effects his riding any more. Max Sabatabi is with-in the first despite an electrical problem, Simone sanna improved as well.

Lucio Cecchinello #9 (MS Aprilia LCR) The Venetian rider, who grew up in Bolonga, and lives in Monte Carlo and is the owner of the team in which he races, achieved a front row position:

«Two minutes from the end I was lucky to find half a lap without any traffic, but the track here is so wide that it reminds me of a free way with six lanes all going in one direction. Everything is fine with the bike, but we still have to improve the gearbox and the stability under breaks. Because breaking into the last corner on the last lap, the hairpin that connects the two straights, will probably be decisive in the race».

Gino Borsoi #23 (LAE UGT 3000) first by half time, Borsoi didn’t get one single clean fast lap again. Therefore, the Venetian rider lost the chance to qualify on the first row by three tenths of a second.

«I was leading for quite some time during this session, but then I got stuck doing tyre tests. In the end I went out with a new tyre to push for a lap time, but I waited too long and when I decided to push, the chequered flag came out. I messed it up, I was stupid. But for the race, we are all right. It’s important to have a good start. Today, I tried three or four starts, and as they all worked out, I have good hopes for tomorrow».

Max Sabbatani #11 (Bossini Fontana Racing) A small problem with the semi-automatic gearshift slowed the dwarf rider down and stopped him from a front row position. After not having used the clutch for years, he lost fractions of a second when he was forced to use it.

«I had problems with the electricmoics of the gear shifter, therefore I had to shift with the throttle closed and I missed out on the first row. I also had too hard a rear tyre but the rest was fine».

Simone Sanna #16 (Safilo Oxydo Race) Sanna improved both on his grid position (from eleventh to ninth) and on his lap time (809 thousandths of a second)

«Everything worked quite well today so I am happy with this practice. I hope to have a race with no mistakes tomorrow: If I have a chance to go for victory I will take it, but if it’s too risky, I will settle for what I can».

500cc, 2001

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