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Team Repsol YPF Honda

Team Repsol YPF Honda

Team Repsol YPF Honda leave Malaysia with a goodbag full of points, after their riders Tohru Ukawa andAlex Crivillé took fifth and sixth place in today´s GrandPrix. Lined up on the third row on the grid, Ukawa andCrivillé had to recover positions after a slow start.They managed to catch up with the second group ofriders consisting of Jacque, Barros and Gibernau. Butonce they got past these three, the race leaders weretoo far in front already, and Ukawa and Crivillé had to settle for fifth and sixth place. After the Malaysian Grand Prix, the World Championship takes a restfor one week before the final round of the season in Brazil on November 3rd.

Tohru Ukawa 5th–2´07.428

´It´s the samestory as always. Imade a poorstart, and I spent all of the race trying to recover positions. All in all, I thinkI failed at the start but then I rode a good race. It´s the same situation asin Valencia, Australia and Japan: If I had started well, I´m sure that I wouldhave made it to a podium finish. My pace lapby lap was one of the fastest in the race, whichallowed me to overtake some of the riders. Onthe first laps, with a full tank, it is difficult to gofast, but from the sixth or seventh lap on, withless fuel on board, I start to feel much morecomfortable even though the tyres start tofade.´

Alex Crivillé 6th–2´07.487

´Not a badperformance afterthe race inAustralia, even though I would have preferred to be within the front group.But when I caught up with the group of Barros and Gibernau, the frontrunners were too far gone already. For a while it seemed as if we wereable to get closer, but then Rossi took the lead, he upped the pace andstarted to push very hard, and with him, the front group got away from usagain. I´m still happy with the race I rode, eventhough I can´t be satisfied with the result,because anything but a podium, I can´tconsider a good result. But at the same timeit´s obvious that if you are not at a hundred percent, it is very difficult to get up onto therostrum, and right now, I still haven´t recoveredcompletely.´

500cc, 2001

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