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Aprilia 250

Aprilia 250

Thursday November 1st, 2001
250 practice

The corrugated asphalt of Rio

Last year, the first practice for the Brazilian GP in Rio took place on October 5th, and with only one month of difference can be felt clearly with the hot weather (30° and more in the shade). The tarmac of this track is very bumpy and slippery, and without any rubber on the racing line, which proves that there, is not a lot of activity going on. The riders therefore have big difficulties to find the best set up for the race. Macio Melandri has still problems with his right hand that he injured in Japan, but nevertheless put in the best time so far.

Marco ´Macio´ Melandri (MS Aprilia Racing) # 5
First time in 1´54´803
´The hand hurts a little still, but on this track there are fortunately no hard and long braking sections, so I can hold on. What bothers me most is the first turn where I think I´m a bit slower than the others, but when I consider that yesterday it was so painful just to pick up the backpack, it´s not so bad...I´m happy with my position and a can´t wait to get back into racing here and make up for my bad luck that cost me victory last year. I am also ready to defend myself against Roberto Rolfo´s attack on my third position in the championship.´

Tetsuya Harada (MS Aprilia Racing) #31Third time in 1´54´973

´We are not there yet, but the set-up is not far from being ideal. With all these bumps, we need to work on the suspensions in order to make the bike stable and manoeuvrable at the same time.´

Jeremy McWilliams (MS Aprilia Racing) #99Fifth time in 1´55´175

´In these conditions, fifth place is a good result indeed: This track is incredible, the surface is never smooth, and the suspension works very poorly. I tried with a softer setting of the rear shock absorber and the front fork, but it didn´t change a thing. I think this will turn out to be a very difficult Grand Prix: I don´t really know what to do to solve the problem, because there are also hard-braking points that require hard suspension settings.´

250cc, 2001

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