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Telefonica MoviStar Honda

Telefonica MoviStar Honda

Brazilian Grand Prix1st Qualifying Practice 250 cc
Thursday November 1st 2001

Weather conditions: sunny Temperature: 30°C Humidity: 51%

RIO - The new 250 class World Champion Daijiro Katoh after taking a stunningwin at Malaysian GP two weeks ago and conquering the title went back toJapan for few days, celebrated the victory with some friends, worked a lotfor press activities and looked after his baby Ikko, before leaving again toBrazil to attend the last race of 2001.Telefonica MoviStar Honda Japanese rider, who scored the record for most 250wins in a season, last year at his debut on Jacarepagua circuit brilliantlywon the Rio GP and in case of victory this Saturday he will not only clock arecord-breaking 11th win, but he will also give Honda the 250 ccConstructors´ title.

At first qualifying day the number 1 of the quarter of litre confirmed hisgreat skills and finally missed the provisional pole by just 170 thousandsclearly saying that his main intention for the race is again to win.A little bit harder was team mate´s Alzamora day, who only got the twelfthposition struggling with a non perfect set up on the slippery track of Rio.

Daijiro Katoh #74 - Honda NSR 250
Best lap: 1´54.973
Position: 2nd

´The track is bumpy and slippery and it has not improved at all compared tolast year. I feel the grip of the tyres is not completely stable and when itgets hot it starts sliding. I just hope it will not be too hot on Saturday.Last year it was a very close race and I guess it will be the same againthis year. I don´t dislike this circuit but I agree with what Valentinosaid, that it´s not easy to keep motivation high when you are already theWorld Champion. Anyway, I know very well that if I win this race I willscore the absolute record for most wins in a season, so if you ask to me ifI want to win for sure my answer is yes. I´m not here to lose´.

Emilio Alzamora #7 - Honda NSR 250
Best lap: 1´56.213
Position: 12°

´Today we had few problems with suspensions and gear but I´m sure we willimprove tomorrow, as we know already the right direction to follow and towork out a good setting. The asphalt condition is not very good, but if theweather stays fine, I will be able to go faster´.

250cc, 2001

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