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Pramac hoping to generate success for Harada

Pramac hoping to generate success for Harada

Created around 30 years ago as a company named ´L´Europea´, producing concrete mixers and hoists, the Pramac-Lifter Group is now Honda´s number one European client for generator motors. The Italian enterprise has a long standing affiliation with the Japanese firm and their relationship has been taken a step further through a deal which will see them unite in the 2002 MotoGP World Championship. Tetsuya Harada, runner-up in the 2001 250cc World Championship, has switched from Aprilia to wear the company colours aboard the daunting Honda NSR500.

´Pramac recognise that MotoGP is the epitome of technology and performance, and we want our product to be associated with these characteristics throughout the world,´ said a team official. ´The company has a long standing relationship with Honda and were glad to be able to take that into World Championship competition. Hopefully the industrial success enjoyed between the two companies can be repeated on the racetrack.´

Harada completed his first laps on the NSR last week at Jerez, and left the Spanish venue satisfied that the team was already on the right tracks. ´The first test was a little difficult because I hadn´t ridden a motorcycle for two months previously and also it was my first time on the NSR,´ explained the Japanese veteran. ´Still, it was a good chance to get to know the Pramac team and we are getting on well already. It is great because there is a mixture of Japanese, Italian and English people, and I speak all three languages so that is very useful! At the moment the objective for our team is to understand the new bike - we are not thinking about any possible results or targets for the season yet. For me, the change from the Aprilia 250 to the Honda NSR500 is quite a big one and the first thing I noticed when I rode it was the incredible horsepower. I had heard a lot about the NSR and expected it to be very difficult, but I actually found it very smooth on the power and comfortable to ride.´

Team headquarters will be based at Pramac´s main production plant, a 5,000m² complex in Casole d´Elsa near Florence, where an 800m² workshop has been set up within the factory. The team, headed by Chief Mechanic Simon Bleasdale, will travel to Honda Japan next week, where they will build two 2002 evolution versions of the NSR500, before continuing their testing schedule at Sepang, Malaysia, on the 9th and 10th February.

500cc, 2001

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