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Katja Poensgen looking for her fourth team in 13 months

Katja Poensgen looking for her fourth team in 13 months

Katja Poensgen looking for her fourth team in 13 months

I always seem to be writing to you with bad news but at the moment, as far as my professional life is concerned, things have been very tough. As you may know by now my team for this year, Hardwick Racing, no longer exists and I have two weeks before the IRTA tests to find myself a ride. People often assume that with the profile I enjoyed last year, with television coverage, photographs and other promotional events, finding a sponsor would be easy. The fact is that I am now looking for my fourth team in 13 months and I think that tells its own story.

Bad luck seems to have followed me around a little since I started Grand Prix racing but I'm a tough girl and I can take the knocks. I will never allow it to affect my personal confidence, the only problem is that I can't concentrate on racing. I haven't ridden a bike since the final race of last season in Rio because I'm too busy trying to arrange the logistical side of the sport. In a way I don't think it's fair. I am confident that I have the ability to be successful in this sport, but I don't think I've really been given the opportunity or materials to show what I can really do.

I still haven't given up on a ride for this season and at the moment I have two possibilities that could come off. One is with Aprilia Germany and the other is a private deal which I'm trying to set up myself. Basically I'm planning as if I'm 100% certain to ride and I'm gearing my physical training towards the first IRTA test in Valencia in two weeks' time.

I knew that Grand Prix racing was going to be tough and, although I must admit that I probably never expected it to be this tough, I've always been prepared to take it on. I think the most disappointing thing for me has been that whilst a lot of people enjoy seeing me out there battling against the men on the track, when it comes to stumping up some cash they are not so forthcoming. One of the most frequent questions I was asked last year by journalists was 'why are there not more women in Grand Prix?'. Now I think I know the answer.

250cc, 2001

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