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Sete Gibernau tells of his first 4 stroke experience in Malaysia

Sete Gibernau tells of his first 4 stroke experience in Malaysia

Sete Gibernau tells of his first 4 stroke experience in Malaysia

Hello from Malaysia and the Telefonica Movistar Suzuki Team test session at Sepang. Today was like seeing your child for the first time!

We were on the bike a couple of weeks back in Japan, but it wasn't a real test for the bike, it was more of a 'shake-down'. Here is the first time for the bike on a real GP racetrack. It's exciting that we are involved in a new project, and will be starting with the four-stroke at the same time as the other manufacturers, and that's a big effort from Suzuki which we have to appreciate. The work that's been done over the winter is not going to be paid off soon, or fast; we'll have to wait a bit because we are half to a whole year behind the other teams. We will have to work hard to catch them, but I really believe that Suzuki has the commitment and the team will work as hard as is expected of us, so we'll be matching the pace pretty soon.

The bike feels loud! And it feels different from a two-stroke; I think it has got good potential. It's a completely new bike, and there's so many things going on that you just can't pinpoint one thing that isn't working, it's just a case of the whole balance being made - from suspension, to the engine, to tyres. We've got Dunlop tyres that we'll have to develop, but they too are very committed to working hard. I think they have the experience and the potential to be winning races... hopefully! We just have to get everything right, and even though it won't be today or the day after, hopefully it will be soon enough to be challenging for the Championship.

Kenny, myself and the team pushed hard to have this bike ready for the first race of 2002. We had seen that the 500 had not developed as well as we thought, and we needed a new challenge. We needed to encourage and reward the hard-work the team was doing, and not have a machine that limited us. So that's the main goal now: to have a project which gets us going and which makes us work hard enough to make up the time we have lost to the other manufacturers.

500cc, 2001

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