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Ducati Corse Technical Director talks about the Desmosedici engine

Ducati Corse Technical Director talks about the Desmosedici engine

Ducati Corse Technical Director talks about the Desmosedici engine

The Ducati Corse Technical Director Filippo Preziosi talks about the Desmosedici engine which will power Ducati's attack on the MotoGP championship:

'So now in MotoGP, we think that a twin-cylinder engine, which the regulations only give a 10 kg weight advantage over the four and five cylinder units, is not the best configuration. In our opinion it continues to be the best layout in Superbike and for road use, but not in a category where maximum power is vitally important in order to be competitive.'

'The V90° layout with an almost horizontal front cylinder bank, which we call 'L', the desmodromic timing system and the Twinpulse effect make the Desmosedici a typical Ducati engine. We designed it starting from a clean sheet of paper, not only in view of the demands of power output and delivery, but above all with one eye on the position of the engine in the bike which has been developed in parallel. There is not one piece of the new engine that has not been designed with the functions of all the other components in mind.'

'Although it has four pistons, the Twinpulse maintains the typical characteristics of a twin-cylinder engine. Unlike a conventional four-cylinder unit, which has four distinct combustions for each complete cycle – that is, two turns of the crankshaft – the Twinpulse only has two. This is obtained by simultaneous combustion in the two cylinders of the same bank. The effect, which we have called Twinpulse, cannot be obtained by a four-cylinder engine by simply changing the firing order.'

'In our opinion fuel consumption will be fundamental and for this reason we have designed the Desmosedici not only with the aim of having maximum power, but also maximum performance. Ducati has also had a lot of experience in this field and our engines are famous for being amongst the most 'economical' in terms of consumption, with performance being equal.'

500cc, 2001

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