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The new version of MotoGP game for the Playstation 2 arrives

The new version of MotoGP game for the Playstation 2 arrives

The new version of MotoGP game for the Playstation 2 arrives

The original MotoGP was a well received foray into the high speed world of motorcycle racing. With large doses of both action and highly realsitic simulation, the game proved quite a draw for casual fans and hardcore motorcycle enthusiasts alike, so much so that it became the highest selling console biking game ever – quite a feat for the first game of its genre on the PS2. Now, a year later, the second version of the game has just arrived. Namco has followed up with a sequel that retains many of the elements that made the original such a success. The new version came out in mid-December in Japan, in January in the States and from last week it was available in Europe.

MotoGP2 handles as well as its predecessor, but also includes highly responsive steering which leaves only accelerating and braking to trouble you button-wise. It is possible to activate manual gears if you fancy a slightly more realistic challenge, but for most of you the action will already be frantic enough. It's also still possible to alternate the handling of the bike according to the level of realism you want. In standard mode, driving is quite a lenient and forgiving experience; competing bikes can be struck at full speed without any side effects and hitting grass or gravel as you turn into a corner will only result in a loss of speed. With the simulation mode activated however, it doesn't take much to send the riders catapulting into the air, and the bike skidding across the track.

Namco has made a number of additions that render MotoGP2 a far more comprehensive title than its predecessor. Most importantly, five more tracks have been recreated to an astonishing level of detail, so as well as Suzuka, Montegi, Donnington, Jerez and Paul Ricard, the challenging curves of Catalunya (Spain), Sachsenring (Germany), Mugello (Italy) Assen (Holland) and Le Mans (France) are all now available for your racing pleasure. Another outstanding new feature is the 'Legends mode' which unites legends of the track, (Kenny Roberts, Freddie Spencer and Kevin Schwantz for example) with contemporary riders, offering the player yet more racing options.

Another of the big changes is the ability to race in adverse weather conditions, like the rain. As well as being graphically stunning, this brings a new dimension to your approach to riding. Taking a corner at 225km/h, with raindrops blurring your vision becomes an intensely scary if rewarding experience, especially when you consider that the stars of the track actually perform such hair-raising feats in real-life.

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