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Suzuki chief Garry Taylor looking for silver lining in gloomy Barcelona

Suzuki chief Garry Taylor looking for silver lining in gloomy Barcelona

Suzuki chief Garry Taylor looking for silver lining in gloomy Barcelona

The IRTA tests in Barcelona are upon us already and the team has come down a few days early to film some promotional videos. Unfortunately the weather here has been incredible wet, windy and cold. It's more like England! Hopefully things will improve for the weekend though because we are all looking forward to what promises to be an excellent test from every point of view.

It will make things interesting if it is still raining because for sure the 2 strokes will be quickest. As far as I know, none of the 4 stroke teams have tested a wet set-up yet so I think we will all be looking to the clouds come Saturday morning! This is our first time out alongside MotoGP opposition having run only private tests up to now. We are looking forward to it very much because the season is practically here and we need some sort of yardstick to be able to measure our progress with respect to our rivals.

We began late and are still playing catch-up to the likes of Honda and Yamaha, so we don't expect to be topping the time sheets just yet, but hopefully we won't be too far off. We know that there is still a lot of work for us to do but we are keeping very busy, development is constantly moving at Suzuki headquarters in Japan and I think this will be a very worthwhile weekend for our mechanics and engineers.

It has been a hectic winter of testing for all of us, but with the development of a new machine as well as preparing the trucks, hospitality, equipment and everything else that goes with running a Grand Prix team, this year has been particularly tough. Testing in places like Australia, Malaysia and Japan has made it difficult to keep in touch with our base back in England, although thankfully we now have email and don't have to spend two hours a day messing about with faxes. It doesn't help though when you send a truck off to be fitted out, only for it to have an accident on the way there and come back patched up and looking years older than it did when it set off?

I am ready for a rest before the season has even started!

See you in Barcelona,

Garry Taylor

MotoGP, 2002

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