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Roberto Rolfo ready for the first race of the season after his busiest winter ever

Roberto Rolfo ready for the first race of the season after his busiest winter ever

Roberto Rolfo ready for the first race of the season after his busiest winter ever

This has been the toughest winter I´ve ever had as a rider but I feel great for it and I am now ready for the first race of the season at Suzuka. As far as the bike is concerned, the team have worked perfectly and we now have it more or less set up to suit my style.

It was difficult at the beginning because I am riding Katoh´s old bike and he is a lot smaller and lighter than me. In fact, I am around 18 kilos bigger than him so as you can imagine we had to adapt the dimensions of the bike and particularly the suspension settings quite drastically. We even had to ask Honda for some help in changing the position of the rear shock.

In Suzuka I hope very much to be at the front and fighting for victory, but it will be my first race on the Honda and I think perhaps I will need a little more time - not so much to adapt myself to the bike, but to adapt the bike to me. In terms of riding style I don't think the Honda is really so different to the Aprilia I rode last year, but in its construction and dimensions it certainly is.

As well as all the testing we have been doing I have also been very busy with my new website. I plan to launch it later this month and it is really taking a lot of hard work to get it off the ground. I really believe the internet is an important marketing tool for riders and I hope to exploit it as much as I can because I´m sure it will be of great benefit in the future.

One of the things you will be able to do on my new website is buy my own brand of wine. I like wine very much and it is also a project I will be looking to develop alongside the website over the coming year. With me hoping to become 250cc World Champion at the same time it is sure to be a busy season!

The only disappointment about all this activity is that this year I won't get chance to do as much studying. I will continue with my language course at the University of Torino but it will be very hard because I am never at home. I am studying French and English and I have also started to learn Spanish, which I think is a very pretty language. I guess I will just have to take things a little more slowly this year, but hopefully I will get the chance to do one or two exams.

See you in Suzuka!

Ciao, Roby #4

250cc, 2002

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