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Shinya Nakano regains confidence after the Sachsenring

Shinya Nakano regains confidence after the Sachsenring

Shinya Nakano regains confidence after the Sachsenring

Consistency has always been Shinya Nakano´s main asset. Last year, apart from the Czech GP, he completed every single race in the top 10. But this year, a surprising lack of consistency has been undermining his results. The Chiba-born rider has crashed in Suzuka, Jerez and Catalunya, and his results have been pretty discreet so far this year.

Nakano, just like his team mate Olivier Jacque and a couple of 2-strokes riders, gave it all to fight the 4-strokes, taking each race as a new opportunity. In Germany, Jacque and Barros narrowly missed the chance to put an end to the 4-strokes domination, as they crashed when there were only two laps to go. There, Nakano claimed his best result of the season : he qualified in second and took the flag in fifth.

´I´m not obsessed by the pole position. I was satisfied with second : the most important thing was to start from the front row. During the first part of the race, I wasn´t able to keep up the leaders´ pace, but I eventually finished in fifth. I´m pleased by this result, I´m regaining confidence. I suffered a lot this year : it´s toughest season I had since I started competing in the World Championship, 4 years ago´. After this good result, Nakano said : ´I finished the first part of the season on a good performance, and I want to keep going like that´.

Nakano is already thinking about the next event, the Gauloises Ceske Republiky Grand Prix, and already has precise objectives. ´First of all, I will enjoy the summer break to have rest. Last year, I picked up a wrist injury during the first practice day in Brno. So, I´m really eager to race there fully fit this year. The other high point will be the Pacific Grand Prix, in Motegi. There, I will try to fight for the victory. I will gave it all, even if I know how the 4-strokes perform´.

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