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Gino Borsoi : The Cobra fears to lose his instinct

Gino Borsoi : The Cobra fears to lose his instinct

Gino Borsoi : The Cobra fears to lose his instinct

A break may be the best time to look back on the last results, and that´s what has done Gino Borsoi, talking to as we hit the halfway mark of the season with the summer break. A welcomed break for the Italian rider : Borsoi, who has been leading the Championship last year, didn´t find the solution to get the results he expected. He´s currently lying in 11th place overall.

Borsoi has just arrived in a Sicilian village, where he´ll spend the week in a bungalow on the seaside, to get some rest. It has been a tough season so far for the Italian, who proved to be consistent without reaching the sort of form he displayed last year.

2002 is a bad campaign so far, and Borsoi is the first to admit it : ´With the results I got last year, I can´t be satisfied with this season. Last year, at the same time, I was in a better position in the battle for the Championship. This year, we have problems with the bike, the kind of problems that come back when it seemed we sorted it out. It just seems like we didn´t manage to start´.

The Italian rider talks about the importance of getting good results to gain confidence : ´The fact that I don´t get good results is also a problem. Taking the start of a race after clinching a victory or a good result in the previous race is very different. Sometimes, I feel like I have lost my instinct. But I hope to regain it´.

That´s why he wants to stay focussed during his holidays, before the Gauloises Czech Republic Grand Prix : ´I will stick to my usual training programme´. Then, the usual customary is asked : Is he into cycling ? ´I´m used to swim. I don´t like bicycle, and it´s better if I don´t train with it as I have some back and shoulders problems´.

125cc, 2002

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