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Erwan Nigon grabs his first Championship points

Erwan Nigon grabs his first Championship points

Erwan Nigon grabs his first Championship points

Points of view may diverge on whether or not rain is the great leveller, but at least, there´s nothing more challenging for concentration. Riding consistently in wet conditions as in the last race in Portugal takes an enormous effort, and experience is said to be what makes the difference. However, Erwan Nigon, who recently joined the Equipe de France GP team, made the most of the situation to take his first World Championship points.

´I tried to be consistent and to get in the top 15 during the practice sessions, but I didn´t manage to do so´ explained Nigon. ´During the race, I was able to run as high as 14th, but unfortunately, I crashed on the eighth lap. I recovered, but I lost a lot of ground to the pack. It wasn´t the mid-race mark and my clutch was already broken!´. $$$

In spite of everything, the French youngster remained in the race and his efforts were rewarded with a 12th place and four points. ´Trying to finish was really tough. It was really hard to stay on track in those conditions, but I know I had to try because I knew there might be an opportunity to get a good result. I eventually took the flag in 12th, so I can be satisfied, despite the crash. With this result I score a couple of points and I´m classified in the standings´.

As he joined the team in the middle of the season, with a new bike to learn, there´s much room for improvement, and Nigon knows that he has all he could need to progress in the class. ´I get on well with the team, there´s no problem at all. I´m lucky to be in a good team, which has produced good riders in the past, so I couldn´t ask for more. Of course, I´m a bit anxious before the next fly-away races, as I don´t know the tracks and I still have to learn the bike. However, Dominique Sarron shares his experience with me, in terms of setting up the bike but also to improve my riding, avoid big mistakes´.

250cc, 2002, Grande Premio Marlboro de Portugal

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