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Naoki Matsudo looks back on a sweet and sour season

Naoki Matsudo looks back on a sweet and sour season

Naoki Matsudo looks back on a sweet and sour season

Even though this season I have not had one outstanding result, I have finished consistently between sixth and eighth place, which was my objective for the season, although I am a bit disappointed not to have scored points in every Grand Prix. At Motegi the clutch wasn´t working too well before the race had even started, and on the last few laps I was unable to change gear and the brake was jamming. This obviously meant that I completely lost my rhythm and ended up way down the field. Without doubt I can look back on Estoril as my best opportunity and my worst piece of luck. I was lapping in first position when I went through a puddle caused by a heavy downpour of rain and crashed. The truth is that in that race I could have settled for second or third, but I wanted to go for everything.

Last season I ended up failing to score points in three races and this time there were two. Obviously next season I want to continue that progress and score in every race. This year I finished tenth in the championship, so I actually finished lower than in 2001, when I was ninth. Next season my objective is to be in the top eight at the end of the season with over 110 points. It is a target I could have reached this season if it wasn´t for bad luck in the two races I have mentioned. Again, I can only look back and feel sorry about what happened in Estoril.

I will definitely stay in 250cc for next season and I am currently talking to a few different teams. In 2002 the agreement with my team came at the last minute and this year I want to sort things out in better time, this month or at the start of December at the latest.

I have recently travelled back from Europe to Japan and I am just about over the jetlag so I will start training in the gym today. I am trying to improve my physical fitness, which up until now has never been a problem but I have promised myself I will prepare in the maximum possible way.

250cc, 2002

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