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Simone Sanna: `A damned year ´

Simone Sanna: `A damned year ´

Simone Sanna: `A damned year ´

A look at the top ten riders in the 2002 125cc World Championship shows many ups and downs on the previous season. Only two names have remained in the same position - Lucio Cecchinello, in fourth, and Simone Sanna, in seventh. had a frank chat with Sanna, who wasted no time making an honest reflection of his year. `I realise it´s a pretty strong term, but I would say this has been a damned year for me ´.

Sanna was unable to top the podium in his fourth season of Grand Prix racing, as he had in his third, and revealed that he had much higher expectations. `There is no doubt in my mind that we could have done a lot better. However, the financial side of things fell through at the start of the season which put the future of both myself and my team on the line. We gave our maximum the whole way through but this category is very tight and if you don´t have the machinery it is impossible to compete for good results ´.$$$

The Tuscan rider is so disappointed that he is considering a change of scenery for the coming season. `I am considering a couple of proposals but this year I have decided to tread very carefully. I want any deal to be in concrete right down to the finest details, with everything down in writing. I don´t want any surprises once the season is underway because this is a professional environment and to work at this level you can´t be without things such as components, technical support or tyres. If I do not have these guarantees I will pull out of the championship´.

125cc, 2002, Julian Simon

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