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Harris WCM set to field new MotoGP challenger in 2003

Harris WCM set to field new MotoGP challenger in 2003

Harris WCM set to field new MotoGP challenger in 2003

Peter Clifford´s WCM team will join forces with Harris in 2003, with a brand new MotoGP prototype. The Hertford based company has a vast experience in motorcycle engineering and will benefit from the knowledge gained by WCM in the Grand Prix fold.

As a starting point for the engine WCM will employ much modified Yamaha R1 components. More than anything this is necessary to fit in with the time constraints. The engine cases and cylinder head will be WCM designed items in keeping with the FIM regulations for MotoGP.

In charge of the WCM engine project is Dave Hagen. The West Sussex based engineer is one of the most respected names in motorcycle four stroke racing and has plotted a clear development path. Right from the start the pistons, valves, cams etc will be purpose built items but by taking this route there is no doubt that power plants can be made ready for testing along with the chassis in February. From the start of testing 180bhp will be available increasing to 200 bhp or beyond.

The development of the engine is open ended and could eventually see a new unit designed from the ground up. On the other hand there is also the strong possibility that the partnership with Harris may continue into 2004 using engines from one of the major manufacturers and raced by them in MotoGP.

The team targets to start testing with two riders in February. Riders and title sponsor will be announced in due course.

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