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Bayliss back in Europe after Christmas in Australia

Bayliss back in Europe after Christmas in Australia

Bayliss back in Europe after Christmas in Australia

Troy Bayliss has returned to Europe after spending Christmas and the New Year in his native Australia, and the Ducati star is making enthusiastic preparations for the new MotoGP season which starts in just three months time. After a gruelling season in the WSB series, followed by an intense autumn testing programme in preparation for the step up to MotoGP, Bayliss was happy to take the opportunity to take a break from the saddle and spend time with friends and family.

`I switched off from the outside world completely,´ said the Australian. `I have barely spoken to anyone from Europe these last few weeks. Christmas for us was pretty much the same as everybody else, seeing family and friends, kicking back and having some barbies, just having a good time. I did a bit of moto-crossing while I was at home. I haven´t ridden one for a couple of years, and hadn´t taken any riding gear with me, but my Dad opened up a cupboard and there was all my old gear, just waiting for me, so I had a few days riding in the bush.´

It won´t be long before he is back on two-wheels, as the Italian factory hope to continue their testing programme later this month, but Bayliss has his own preparations to make in Monaco first. `I´ve been to the gym and I feel like I´m nearly dead as I didn´t do any gym work on holiday at all. I can really feel it now. And now I´ve got the normal stuff to sort out here - today I´m sorting out my licence. You have to have a club membership, then you need an ACU licence, and then you apply to the FIM for a licence and then, if you´re lucky, you can go racing. I´ve got loads of little jobs like this to get done.

MotoGP, 2002

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