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Back to school for Chaz after the Christmas break

Back to school for Chaz after the Christmas break

Back to school for Chaz after the Christmas break

For most riders Christmas is a good time to put their feet up and relax, but for me it was a really busy end to the year because I had to complete my mock GCSE exams and catch up on a lot of the coursework I have not had time to keep up with this year. My proper exams are not until the summer and at the moment we are trying to work out with my teachers which ones I will be able to do, but school is important to me and if I miss any exams because of my racing schedule then I will probably finish them off with a part-time college course next year. Anyway, I got mainly C grades in my mocks, which is not bad considering how many classes I missed, and I came top of the year in my biology assignment so that was a nice bonus!

The time that I have had off school has been taken up with training, and I have started a new programme to get stronger for the demands of the 250. It is pretty basic at the moment, with some free weights in my bedroom, but I have noticed the difference already and I am doing more press-ups than I ever could before. Apart from that I have been doing lots of mountain biking. Actually, I´ve just come in off my bike now. My Dad was daring me to ride it down a flight of steep concrete steps round the back of the house, so obviously I had to do it.

I have also been practising on a unicycle, which I got for Christmas. It sounds a bit strange but apparently it is really good for your balance and it is great fun. I haven´t quite got the hang of it yet but there have been no serious accidents! Apart from that I have been motocross riding in the hills near my house, the only problem being that there is so much rain the ground cuts up very easily and you can only use it once or else it turns into a bog. Lots of people go horse riding there too and I don´t think they appreciate it too much when I go tearing around on my bike!

Speaking of which, my first test on the 250cc Aprilia is next week at Jerez, on the 17th, 18th and 19th January. It is kind of funny because I would not be old enough to ride the bike here in Britain until February, when I am 16, but the laws are different in Spain so we can go down there without any problems. It will be a big challenge for me to step up to such a powerful bike at this early stage of my career, but I am really looking forward to it and I am confident I can adapt quickly.

Chaz #57

250cc, 2002

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