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Héctor Barberá combining fitness training with studies

Héctor Barberá combining fitness training with studies

Héctor Barberá combining fitness training with studies

Today is the first day of my physical training programme after the holidays. I have a two-hour daily workout, which has been arranged by my personal trainer Miguel Maeso. I am basically doing lots of repetitions with small weights because I don´t really need to build up my muscles too much. I got a supermotard bike for Christmas and I think this will really complement my other training whilst I wait to get on my `real´ bike.

I am really itching to get back on the 125 now. I am looking forward to the start of testing, but even more so to the first race of the championship. I know that things will be a lot different this year – more serious, you could say. I will have a new bike and the team structure has been reinforced. In 2003 I will have two mechanics (last year I only had one), and there won´t be the surprise factor. With more means and more experience I am demanding more of myself. The advantage is that now I know the circuits and I have challenged myself to be at the front right from the first race in Japan. We will have to see about that though because we are not sure if the new bikes will arrive at the end of this month or if we will have to wait until the IRTA tests.

I am also back at school, studying at the Cheste college where I am following a special study plan. All my classmates are sportsmen from different disciplines – from chess players to karate experts! I don´t know if you know but the centre is actually located at the Valencia circuit, just a few metres from the track, so I can´t stop thinking about bikes even when I have my head in the books!

125cc, 2002

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