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Further alterations made to Suzuka Circuit

Further alterations made to Suzuka Circuit

Further alterations made to Suzuka Circuit

Renovation work has begun at the Suzuka Circuit on several points of the track, with changes aimed at enhanced security and improved racing. The first phase of a long term plan towards these objectives began in December 2000 and was completed in March last year, with the main adjustments being made to the Dunlop curve. In an effort to `stay in pace with the continuous advancement of machine performances and technology´, track owners Suzuka Circuitland Co., Ltd are now remodelling the 130R section and the Casio Triangle (chicane).

The 130R section is the long left hander which leads into the straightaway before the chicane. The corner has been brought in to allow for a bigger gravel trap and extended asphalt run off area on the exit. The radius of the corner is now split into two parts, with the constant 130m radius making way for a tighter 85m in the first part of the corner leading into a long, sweeping 340m on the exit, which then makes for a shorter straightaway of just 65m.

This reduction is also thanks to a completely revised double chicane final section, which will see the riders bank right much earlier to accommodate a wider left hander. This then doubles back left again to flick right through a second, new, chicane which leads onto the long right into the start-finish straight. The wider angle corners and the extra chicane are designed to provide improved opportunities for some last ditch overtaking manouevres and an added spectacle for the fans banked around that section of the circuit. The overall length of the track will be extended by just 3m, and work is expected to be completed next month.

MotoGP, 2002

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