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Andrew Pitt reflects on three days of testing at his home circuit

Andrew Pitt reflects on three days of testing at his home circuit

Andrew Pitt reflects on three days of testing at his home circuit

The first day at Phillip Island started with strong winds, and it was getting worse and worse and worse. But I was still quite happy, because we made a good step forward, and I started to go quicker and quicker. Right at the end of the day, we got the bike in the best position it had been in. It doesn´t feel good when the front wheel comes up under acceleration and then the wind hits you with full force, so we were trying to keep the front wheel down with putting as much weight on it as possible without upsetting the rear too much. Right at the end, we got a pretty good compromise as far as the balance goes. We also went a bit softer with the suspension because of the bumps and the wind.

On day two the rear swing arm on my bike started to cause some sort of strange vibration, so we put a new one in for the afternoon, and the bike immediately felt better again. We also tried some tyres, and the ones that didn´t have that much grip were good fun, because they allowed me to slide and smoke some rubber on the exit of the fast last left-hand corner. But we also found a tyre that was working quite well, and as we made some more good steps with the set-up of the bike, I was pretty happy. In the morning, I did my fastest lap in 1.33,7, which I couldn´t improve in the afternoon only because we were trying so many things.

Unfortunately we didn´t have the best of all days on Thursday. We tried a new chassis and swingarm set-up, and I really wasn´t getting the feeling I had the day before. After lunch, we got everything back into the position were it was on Wednesday, and the bike started to work again. We tested some tyres then in the afternoon, and tried to put some distance on them. Later on, I just had enough, because I did 85 laps on Wednesday and even more on Thursday, and I just was at a stage where it didn´t make much sense to keep going. All in all, we are in pretty good shape, and even though I would have liked to go quicker, we made good progress. The bike is much easier to ride now, I also feel that I am riding it pretty well!

MotoGP, 2003

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