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Jeremy McWilliams waiting and wondering about the V5

Jeremy McWilliams waiting and wondering about the V5

Jeremy McWilliams waiting and wondering about the V5

January has been a pretty quiet month for me, and I must admit it has been a frustrating one too. I am reading that Valentino and Max are out in Sepang going two seconds quicker than pole, which is a bit worrying when we have yet to get our bike on track. I went down to the factory in Banbury last week and it was all hands on deck, everybody is working very hard and there is a real buzz of excitement around the place. The engine looks very impressive, really neat. They just need to develop it on the bench and get it into the motorcycle so we can start testing, which they tell me will be in February. Kenny mentioned that we might have to get the two-strokes back out for Suzuka, but I think that was tongue in cheek – typical Kenny. I hope so anyway!

In the meantime I just have to try and ignore everything I read in the papers and motorcycle magazines and focus on that first test. There is plenty to occupy my mind at home in Belfast, with my two young boys and the bike shop. It´s a rough time for the shop – it´s always difficult to sell motorcycles in the winter but with the economy as it is things are even harder, so we´re just making a few decisions and trying to plan for the future.
I just came back from a snowboarding trip with a group of mates, which was probably the first physical exercise I have done since I went out to Kenny´s ranch at New Year. It was his birthday so it was a good excuse to go visit him, and we a great week, racing 150cc trailbikes on his supercross tracks and generally messing about. Snowboarding was great fun too – I have told my sons about it and of course they want to go tomorrow. I told them maybe next year but it is freezing in Britain right now so if there´s a bit of snow I might take them over to Scotland.

My eldest son, Jack, is really big into football. He´s a Liverpool fan but he watched them play Arsenal on Wednesday night and he wasn´t sure he´s made the right choice! I am a Manchester United man myself. When I grew up everybody in Ireland wanted to play for them, and I was no different. In fact, I´ll be going over to Old Trafford on the 19th February to watch them in the Champions League against Juventus. Anyway, it is a sport I am encouraging Jack to get into – anything to keep him away from motorbikes!. This weekend I´ll be going to the Road Racing show at Alexandra Palace in London – hopefully I´ll see some of you guys there.

Jeremy #99

MotoGP, 2003

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