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Chris Burns a twelve mile a day man

Chris Burns a twelve mile a day man

Chris Burns a twelve mile a day man

Chris Burns is taking no chances about his fitness as he prepares for the biggest challenge of his life. The 22-year-old MotoGP rookie is running 12 miles a day and spending two hours in the gym as he prepares his body for the explosive 16 grand prix battle with the very best riders in the world. Burns has been given the chance of a lifetime to compete against the likes of Valentino Rossi and Max Biaggi by the British-based Harris WCM team and he is desperate to make the most of it.

"While I'm waiting for the bikes to be completed I've worked really hard on my fitness, running 12 miles and spending two hours on the weights every day," he explained. "I've been given the chance of a lifetime and so I'm making sure I'm ready. I have so much to learn so quickly but the team and my new team-mate Ralf Waldmann have so much experience, I know they will help."

Burns, who was recommended to the team by former British Champion Niall Mackenzie, hopes to ride the Yamaha-powered WCM for the first time next month, before the opening Grand Prix of the season at Suzuka in Japan on 6 April. "The team have completed the first chassis and will be fitting the test engine so we should have two complete bikes ready in a couple of weeks. The first time I actually ride the bike will be in March and I can't wait."

MotoGP, 2003

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