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A fresh start for Nakano in Barcelona

A fresh start for Nakano in Barcelona

A fresh start for Nakano in Barcelona

After the Valencia tests earlier this week, I decided to spend a few days deciding where my new home will be. Although it would have been great to be near my team headquarters in Madrid, I also thought I would probably miss the sea too much. I have lived by a beach in the south of France for the last four years and for this reason I have finally chosen to live in Barcelona. It is a beautiful city and it has a perfect climate.

I have found a place in the Diagonal Mar neighbourhood, which is not too far from the airport. Someone from the team who already lives in Barcelona helped me to find the house and sort out all the contracts and paperwork. We visited lots of other areas and small towns, like Sitges, but this place is much closer to the centre and local transport. Once we signed up for the electricity, gas, etc. I returned to France to pick up all my stuff. Before starting out in the World Championship I had never even lived on my own, but it was a chance for me to live the experience and now that process is over I am pretty relaxed about the whole thing.

$$$ I am also feeling happy about the last test we had with Yamaha. Before going to Montmeló I had felt that the bike was controlling me rather than the other way around, but this time I was well on top of it. I will get hold of the new bike at the next test, which will be the IRTA in Jerez, and I want to make the most of that session and the following tests at Estoril and Catalunya to get the bike perfectly set-up to my style of riding. I see that they have just finished work at the Suzuka circuit, so it will be very interesting to lap there in the final test of the preseason just one week before the first race of the championship.

After sorting out my removals and the testing, I am back into my physical training routine - jogging and cycling around my new neighbourhood. They are about to open a new gym in the building too. It is a good atmosphere to prepare yourself physically and mentally. By the way, yesterday I took the metro in Barcelona for the first time – I´m on a mission to explore the city!!

MotoGP, 2003, Shinya Nakano

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