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McCoy laments lap times despite chassis progress

McCoy laments lap times despite chassis progress

McCoy laments lap times despite chassis progress

Fuchs Kawasaki Racing Team riders Garry McCoy and Andrew Pitt were able to compare their latest development version Ninja ZX-RR with their MotoGP rivals at Jerez this week, making the most of the changeable weather to test wet and dry set-ups. The Australian pair were satisfied with the performance of the machine in both sets of conditions, but McCoy in particular admitted he was disappointed with their lap times, which were 2.7 seconds down on the quickest lap of the test set by Yamaha´s Alex Barros.

`We did a few changes on the chassis yesterday, and it felt much more comfortable than on day one,´ said McCoy, who clocked a best effort of 1:45.361 `All in all, the chassis situation has improved a lot, now it´s really not bad at all. I´m just not very happy with the lap times. Normally, when you fix the chassis, you should be doing better lap times, which we´re not. The bike is definitely capable of going quicker than we're going at the moment. It´s now a matter of matching our latest step in bike development with the right tyre!´

$$$ Andrew Pitt was just half a second slower than his team-mate, despite his unfamiliarity with the circuit, and he was able to make a much more positive reflection. `We just tried a lot of tyres and got the bike´s geometry sorted for this track. It is not wheel-standing as much any more, which is a plus. Our competition is obviously still a lot faster, but for me, it was the first real test here on this track, and to do a lot of laps was good for me. My job will be a lot easier next time I come back. We got the bike into a good starting position for next time, now we just have to work on getting a bit more grip out of the tyres!´

MotoGP, 2003

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