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Max Biaggi shares his thoughts before Welkom

Max Biaggi shares his thoughts before Welkom

Max Biaggi shares his thoughts before Welkom

After leaving Suzuka I kept in touch with Japan to know if there were any new developments about Kato, but, after a minor improvement, the situation still hasn´t changed. We can only wait and hope. These days I have been deeply focussed in my own affairs, I needed to relax and be alone to get some perspective and I had my mobile turned off almost all of the time. I think that this situation requires a serious reflection. What happened has shocked everyone and more so the riders because we take to the track every Sunday.

MotoGP has been growing very quickly, probably more so than has been expected. On one hand this means that some big problems can emerge, things like, unfortunately, safety. With the increased level of competition and expectation comes a lot more pressure but also power to get things done. It's in our hands, the hands of the riders, to find an effective way to make our voices and spokesmen heard.
I must say that Franco Uncini has done great work in the last few years and recently I have read Carmelo Ezpeleta words in an interview published in an Italian magazine and his willingness to open discussions.

There are some safety aspects to improve and I believe now that the riders will try to from a united front. We will see if they will take onboard what we think. Based on my past experiences with similar intentions and feelings, I go to Welkom with good expectations but not too many. We will see; for my part I am ready to talk and search to find an agreement and common ground with my colleagues.

These last few days I have been relaxing in Mónaco. I have also been training and working on my physical condition because in Welkom the temperatures can be quite high and the race becomes a test of your fitness. In South Africa I really want to try and make a decent race, maintain my concentration and the effective system of working that we used in Suzuka. We wont have the advantage of extra testing time but there is also little chance of rain like there was in Japan. It will be an important race to see more of our potential where it counts; on the racetrack. Normally the first GP has many variables but afterwards everything seems to even out.
For Easter I have plans to organise lunch in a restaurant with some Italian friends; where the food is really good. Just talking and a little music, nothing too spectacular!

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