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Proton Team KR add a splash of F1 chic to their pit-box

Proton Team KR add a splash of F1 chic to their pit-box

Proton Team KR add a splash of F1 chic to their pit-box

Proton Team KR have raised the standard in pit-lane presentation this year, with F1-style pit furniture and layout, backed by an all-new flyaway-friendly system of containers that convert to offices and workshops, seen for the first time at Suzuka last week. In the pit, flat-screen TVs display essential information to the riders´ individual engineers, who sit behind glass in a central area. Each rider has his own station on either side, with space to stow helmets and gloves out of sight.

`As the sport gets more professional, presentation becomes more important," explained team owner Kenny Roberts. `We´ve recruited a number of F1 engineers for our four-stroke GP bike project. This is another thing we can learn from F1. It also proves our commitment to developing the championship, that goes beyond just racing on the track.´.

The main innovation is in the `Track Shacks´ – the trade name for the container systems developed by Quentor Cases, which means that containers tailor-made to fit into a 747 luggage hold then convert into self-contained office or workshop units. These are also used by almost all the F1 teams for flyaway races, and as well as catering for the air-travel sectors are themselves part of an integrated pit system, consolidating tool boxes and spare-parts storage in a way that can be adapted to fit unaltered into the team´s road transport for the races in Europe.

The Track Shacks are fully wired for power, air-lines and telephone and internet connections. Proton Team KR had two at Suzuka, with one destined to be a clean and controlled engine-building environment for when the new V5 four-stroke motor comes on stream.

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