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Roberto Rolfo on his way to Assen

Roberto Rolfo on his way to Assen

Roberto Rolfo on his way to Assen

At the moment I am in my car, on the way down to Assen - we just crossed the border into Holland so we should be there by this afternoon. I am really looking forward to this GP because, even though things didn´t go as I had hoped at the last race, the top riders in the category have not escaped. It was a strange race at Catalunya – I was really hopeful of a podium there but it wasn´t to be. I had some mechanical problems during the race and the truth is that I was lucky to finish in ninth position. Luckily it wasn´t Poggiali´s day either and he didn´t score any points, so the championship is still wide open.

The Gauloises Dutch TT is another opportunity to cut his lead back. It is a track which I like and last year I made the podium in the third place. At this point of the season you really can´t afford to slip up – the idea is to pick up as many points as possible from every race and not make stupid mistakes which can cost you the whole season. My only worry is that my bike is still not completely competitve. At Catalunya I received some new material from Honda, but to be honest it didn´t really work that well. In fact, the new parts were worse than the old stuff, so we made no improvements at all. Hopefully some more parts will arrive at Assen and we will at last find that extra top speed which we are missing. At the very least, I hope the performance of the bike can be the same as it was up to Le Mans and not how it has been for the last two races.

Robby #3

250cc, 2003

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