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Giampiero Sacchi reflects on the season so far for Derbi

Giampiero Sacchi reflects on the season so far for Derbi

Giampiero Sacchi reflects on the season so far for Derbi

After seventeen seasons in the World Championship, there are few things likely to ruffle the feathers of Giampiero Sacchi. The General Manager of the Caja Madrid Derbi Racing team has shared moments of triumph with several World Champions and, inevitably, the harsh lows of an at times cruel sport. It is perhaps thanks to this wealth of experience that the Italian can reflect with calm on a disappointing season so far for his team and insist on looking ahead to a more positive future.

`After so many technical problems and the recent history of the team´s structure, which is already well documented, we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel´, says Sacchi. `The bike has been one of the fastest out there at the last couple of meetings and Jorge (Lorenzo) has had the occasional good result. We know that we have to continue working as hard as we have been doing because we are convinced that our efforts now will be repaid with good performances´.

According to Sacchi, the recent emergence of Lorenzo in the top positions underlines the recent technical advances made by the team, whilst putting problems suffered by the youngster´s more experienced team-mate Emilio Alzamora down to the difficulties in switching back to a 125 from a 250: `Emilio was not helped by the preseason, when we had a lot of problems developing the bikes. Also, it is clear that he is struggling to adapt to riding a 125 again. He has found it very difficult to return after riding a 250 – much more so than the other way around. Emilio is still a flag bearer for us, as well as a great person, and we are all working to make sure thing improve soon´.

Sacchi believes that the most difficult phase of development is over for Derbi, and the team are ready to begin a new era: `It is true that we have had a lot of problems and it is normal in a process such as the one we have gone through, but since Jerez I think the bikes have notably improved in performance and reliability. The engineers in the racing department have worked at a very intense rate and have provided solutions and new parts at every race. Of course, there is always the possibility that the new stuff doesn´t work in the race but that is a remote possibility because it is all tried on the bench and in private. Now we just hope this will all materialise in the results. It would be very gratifying for the team, who are working so hard, for our main sponsor Caja Madrid and for everybody else who is following and supporting our effort´.

125cc, 2003

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