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McWilliams unable to satisfy the hopes of his home crowd

McWilliams unable to satisfy the hopes of his home crowd

McWilliams unable to satisfy the hopes of his home crowd

Jeremy McWilliams knew that a repeat showing of his podium appearance at the rain-lashed 2000 British Grand Prix would have been unlikely last Sunday giving the technical circumstances surrounding the very new Proton V5, but the Irishman was disappointed not to be able to compete with the new bike and fail to finish the race after the two-stroke developed a mechanical problem late into the GP.

The team had been switching between the two machines all weekend. The V5's prototype status was highlighted by the need for a batch of redesigned crankshafts and other parts to solve teething troubles in only the four-stroke's fourth race.

The seven week old machine was finally consigned to the back of the pitbox after an engine problem in warm-up which meant McWilliams along with team-mate Nobuatsu Aoki were facing a disadvantage by having to run the two-strokes for the race. Here the 39 year old explains the reason for his DNF.

´I really wanted to race the four-stroke today, but there was an oiling problem, and I wasn´t sure it could make the finish. Then it broke in morning warm-up, so the two-stroke was the obvious choice. I´d only had about ten laps on it in practice, and the set-up wasn´t right. Then I got a back-shifting problem going into the chicane, so I pulled in. To be honest, I didn´t feel like busting my balls to get 18th on a bike that we won´t be racing for the rest of the year. I´d prefer to work hard to get the four-stroke ready.´

MotoGP, 2003

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