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Gibernau buzzing after fourth win of the year

Gibernau buzzing after fourth win of the year

Gibernau buzzing after fourth win of the year

The latest victory recorded by Barcelona resident Sete Gibernau has made the Spaniard currently the most successful rider in the MotoGP World Championship. At yesterday's German Grand Prix, the 30 year old become the rider with the highest number of victories so far this season. The result not only strengthens his second place in the championship, but also cuts down the gap to leader Valentino Rossi. Here is what the Team Gresini rider had to say after his latest triumph:

´It was a fantastic race,´ reflected Gibernau. ´It was a hard race - both mentally and physically. I had no plan for the last lap because when you have a plan and it doesn't work, you're in trouble. Valentino's plan didn't come off and I won. I used a bit of dirt-track experience in the last turn - if you want to pass someone coming out, do the work on the way in. I was so hard into the corner that the front was pushing, so I pushed down with my knee and touched the throttle to pick the bike up. We were both doing wheelies side by side over the line.
I want to give my thanks to everybody but above all the team. The rider wins on the track but behind him there is a whole group of people making it possible. Also thanks to Michelin for their outstanding support. I would like to dedicate this victory to my family and my sister Cristina, who couldn't be at my side in victory for the first time.´

´Today is another special day for the team,´ commented Fausto Gresini. ´We have won again! The victory came on the last lap but that takes nothing away from its value. Above all we have seen that Sete Gibernau is a superb rider. This year he has won four races and we are very happy and proud to have him in our team and to have contributed to his success in the elite category. I want to share this moment with all the team, with Honda and with the sponsors.´

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