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30 score maximum points in first round of KNOWITALL

30 score maximum points in first round of KNOWITALL

30 score maximum points in first round of KNOWITALL

The first round of the KNOWITALL quiz at was a roaring success, with over 3,045 people testing out their knowledge of the MotoGP World Championship and competing to win a racing helmet, as well as entering the end of season draw for a Yamaha R6. Twenty four of the contestants scored maximum points in the this month's quiz, with 20 correct answers from 20 tough questions. The level of difficulty of the KNOWITALL quiz was highlighted by the fact that no fewer than 365 entrants scored no points at all!

The contestants to have scored maximum points are: Bjoern Jeppesen, Willem Boogerd, PILLIN Pascal, Paul Burgess, Alberto de Domingo, Edgardo Rego, Neil Steurs, Jorge Porcar, Fernando Pan, Merche Garcia, Arnau Llovet, Steven Bullimore, Nacho Serrano, Sandy Winton, Juan S, Chris Woodward, Rob van Dieren, Mike Knipscheer, Fernando Torrent, Luis Diaz, Gert Dekker, Chris Newman, Tom Nielsen, Britta Atherton, Ivo Cleuren, Thijs Linmans, Heidi Woodward, Mirko Großer, Romain Mabil and the appropriately named Motorcycle Boy. These names will now enter a raffle to decide who wins the monthly prize of the helmet of a Yamaha MotoGP rider of their choice.

The second round of the KNOWITALL quiz is currently online at until the end of the month, with another racing helmet up for grabs as well as the opportunity to join the final draw for the Yamaha R6.

MotoGP, 2003

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