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Alex Debón: Happy enough despite the crashes in Brno

Alex Debón: Happy enough despite the crashes in Brno

Alex Debón: Happy enough despite the crashes in Brno

Hello everyone!. I have just come back from Ibiza, where I spent a few days on holiday and with some friends. Now I am at home in Vall d´Uxó, Eastern Spain and about to start training again and thinking of the Portuguese race.

I was gone only a few days but it helped me forget a bad race at Brno. As you probably know I crashed twice during the weekend. The hardest fall was on Saturday, when I was trying to improve my time in the classification. It was a heavy spill and I whacked my head as well as my leg. My neck was hurting and I was in the Clínica Mobile for a while but luckily had no lasting injury. The worst crash was on Sunday. I fell in the warm-up due to a burst water pipe that leaked onto the wheel. I could not start the race because the bike wasn't ready and we didn't have a second machine; it was a shame.

The incident is truly frustrating because i have been fairly happy with the way things have been going so far. I am the first Honda rider among the privateers and occupy 11th position in the Championship. Those responsible at Honda have given me good support. I have not got the materials used on the official bikes of Porto and Rolfo but the Japanese have seen my progression through the season. I have been regularly between the top eight and ten positions and they have been helping me enough. In Brno we were able to use new exhausts and the bike felt a lot different when I was getting on the gas out of the corners. Together with my manager, Dani Amatriain, now we are trying to get a factory ride for next year; this is my objective and I think it might be possible.

The next few GPs are at circuits that I really like. Estoril, like the Nelson Piquet track in Brazil, are courses where I can defend myself, even though they also have some large straights, which will show up the limitations of my Honda kit. I think I can make some good results and i would like to finish in the top ten overall at the end of the year. Some might think that this is not a good result but those that understand know that with the material at my disposal it would be a great final classification. See you in Estoril!.

250cc, 2003

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