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Quotes from the front row

Quotes from the front row

Quotes from the front row

Toni Elias (1st): "We still have to improve the engine performance to get more acceleration and top speed, and if we can do this, tomorrow we will be able to ride much quicker and reduce our times from today even further. This is just the first day and there's still a lot of work left to do. I feel good in the team and with the bike at the moment, and I hope it can be like this until the end of the year."

Manuel Poggiali (2nd): "We tested new material for the race and we are working in the right way. Obviously I still need to study the track and, even if I make some mistakes, I can easily improve lap by lap. Second position is quite good and I am not worried about Elias' pole position as I know he is a specialist with qualifying tyres."

Randy De Puniet (3rd): "We need to improve the acceleration a bit but the main problem is the temperature. It's difficult to concentrate with this stifling heat! I have a chance to win the title but I must win here and that is my objective."

Sebastian Porto (4th): "In principal this should be a bad track for our bike because of the heat and the long straights but it has been okay today and the engine is performing well considering."

250cc, 2003, Marlboro Malaysian Motorcycle Grand Prix

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