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Gibernau welcomes Edwards and bids farewell to Rossi

Gibernau welcomes Edwards and bids farewell to Rossi

Gibernau welcomes Edwards and bids farewell to Rossi

Sete Gibernau was at the Circuit de Catalunya earlier this week to watch his new Telefonica MoviStar Honda team-mate Colin Edwards make his debut aboard the RC211V. Gibernau, who finished second in the championship this year to Valentino Rossi, said he was happy to be riding alongside the Texan next season whilst insisting his focus remained on his own performance rather than the challenge of the former World Superbike Champion to his title aspirations.

"It will be good to have more rider information because the data will be useful to both of us so I am looking forward to working together - I'm sure having Colin in the team will make me go faster," said Gibernau, who was this season supported by the inexperienced rookie Ryuichi Kiyonari after the tragic death of Daijiro Kato. "To be honest I am not thinking about the extra competition Colin might bring, because all I really think about is myself, and how I can improve. I think that this year we have seen good things in my riding and things which could be better, so next my focus is on strengthening my weak points – nothing else".

Gibernau added that he was as surprised as most people over Valentino Rossi's decision to quit Honda, revealing that he had placed a bet with the Italian that he would re-sign for the Japanese manufacturer. "There was so much speculation going around that in the end I just ignored it, but I had a bet with Valentino that he would stay with Honda – I guess I owe him some money now! I have to admit I was surprised he finally did it but I understand why. Right now he has everything to win and nothing to lose".

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